LINCOLN TOYS - The Early Years, 1940-1950
by David R Gray continued

Later Ellwood designs, which were also marketed through Lincoln Toys included a cement mixer, crane truck, self-loading dump, and a telephone truck. All Ellwood trucks were of the cab-over design. The later cab-over trucks, power shovels and cranes carried the standard oval decal reading "Made by Ellwood Metal Products Tilbury, Ontario for Lincoln Toys." Ellwood continued making toys which were marketed by Lincoln Toys throughout the 1950's.

The toys with the classic Lincoln conventional truck cab with fender skirts and a separate grille, as made by Windsor Steel, first appear in the Simpson's and Eaton's catalogues in 1947-1948. The first of these large cabs featured painted grilles, which were stamped out separately and attached to the cab with tabs. Decals were of the early type and wheels were the standard composition-rubber type. Among the early classic trucks were a coke truck, tow truck, stake truck, and a car carrier.

For the next ten years, both Windsor Steel Products and Ellwood Metal Products continued to design and manufacture a whole range of sheet metal toys that were marketed as Lincoln Toys.


I would like to thank Mr. Ed Kimmerly for sharing with me his great knowledge ofthe history of Lincoln Toys, and for his many suggestions for further avenues of research. I also appreciate the opportunity I was given to talk with various members of the Ellwood family and others who were involved with the Tilbury toy factory. Thanks is also due to Jim Burridge for his sharing of knowledge and enthusiasm for research.

This article is a simplified version of a chapter from a manuscript of a book on Canadian toys. The research on Lincoln Toys was partially supported by the Bryan O'Brien Bursary awarded to the author by the CTCS in 1991.

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